Best Substrate for Betta

betta substrate

When setting up a Betta aquarium, one of the things you need to think about is what is the best substrate for betta. In this guide I will be covering all of your available options and showing you what you should be looking for when selecting substrate for betta fish. Substrate can be sand, gravel …

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Frag Racks

Frag Rack

Eventually all reef aquarium enthusiasts will need a frag rack, as corals grow and need to be cut back many of us can’t face throwing these cuttings in the trash and why would we? Our coral isn’t cheap after all and many rare specimens can sell for big money. So it makes sense that all …

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Best Betta Heater

betta fish heater

Betta fish have a reputation of being hardy, colourful fish that you can simply place in an unfiltered and unheated bowl on a desk or window ledge. To really care for the animal we need to provide for its needs and one of the things people need to supply their fish with is heat, through …

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Best Reef Aquarium Salt

Best Aquarium Salt

If you want to set up and run a successful reef aquarium, you’re going to need some pretty good aquarium salt. Aquarium salt is manufactured by all sorts of brands and the large amount of choices out there can be pretty overwhelming for new people to the hobby. Luckily, once you understand what you’re looking …

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