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A N95 Mask Can Save You

If you have been watching the news you may have seen that there has been an outbreak of Coronavirus originating in China but now making it’s way around the world! It’s urgent that people keep on top of this and protect themselves and their families properly. The easiest and most effective method of protection while out in public is through a coronavirus mask.

Key Coronavirus Facts So Far:

  • There have been over 120 million Covid-19 cases
  • There’s been over 2,600,000 deaths
  • World leaders including President Trump and Boris Johnson have had the virus
  • We have several working vaccines rolling out
  • We seem to be winning this
  • Washing your hands and social distancing is very important
  • Masks are mandatory in most states

Important note: This article is not designed to be used as health advice, seek out your own government’s advice. For those in America please read the CDC website set up to help with coronavirus and for those in the UK check out for the latest advice. I am a blogger, not a health professional but I did work in automobile painting and know a lot of about masks.

What is important when buying coronavirus masks?

The whole idea of a coronavirus mask is to stop yourself from inhaling the airborne virus. We often see people in Asian countries wearing masks in media but this is not usually to block viruses, they want to block pollution. The good news is the same masks are also very effective at blocking viruses and filtering the air that you breathe. When selecting a mask you want to look for the following:

  1. The N rating – You want to find a mask rated N95 (FFP2 in the EU) or higher, this means it filters 95% of particulate matter including dust, smoke or viruses down to 0.3 micron in size.
  2. Disposable Filter Elements – Replacing and disposing of the mask entirely or the filter itself is important. After all if it does it’s job it contains the virus so keeping it on your person is not a smart move. With expensive masks they will feature replacement filters but most masks are cheap and designed to be thrown away.
  3. Fitment – If there are gaps between your face and the mask unfiltered air will get through.

These masks work in a very simple manner, they have filters (often some sort of carbon or synthetic material) which is a very fine grade that physically stops particles getting through. Most regular decorating or painting masks are more than capable of blocking the coronavirus, please keep this in mind. These are not special medical grade products, don’t spend more than you have to as there are already people taking advantage of consumers with lies.

IMPORTANT: The coronavirus can be transferred through your eyes and ears. For this reason we recommend FULL FACE masks along with ear plugs in the form of cotton balls with tea tree oil infused (just 2 drops is fine). Wear gloves, change them regularly. Leave your shoes outside your home.

Coronavirus Masks

3M 8511 Respirator, N95, Cool Flow Valve (10-Pack)
These are your basic N95 masks. They filter out 95% of particular matter down to 0.3 micron level (much smaller than most viruses).

This is a 20 pack of masks, they are disposable and suitable as a basic level of protection but can leave gaps where unfiltered air can be breathed in around the nose/lip area.

They fit most faces, they are very universal.

No products found.

3M - N100 (1 mask)
This is very similar to the masks above except this is a N100 mask, designed to block 100% of everything.

As a result the filter element is larger and much more beefed up. It’s also a lot of expensive and slightly unnecessary… N95 masks will work fine.

3M 7500 Series Half Mask
This is the grand daddy option, which uses a half mask design and filters that attach to the mask with a bayonet fitting.

This is a N100 mask which will fit your face perfectly leaving no gaps. It’s far more secure and heavy duty than the paper filter options above however is more expensive and slightly overkill… If you’re forced outside of your home with an outbreak in the neighborhood though this is the best option!

3M Respirator Kit, Full Face 6800 N100
Let’s not mess around, this is the kind of mask you need if you’re looking for something to be 100% effective. This virus can spread through the air, mouth, ears and eyes. This mask will protect everything except the ears and as listed above the best thing for the years is cotton balls with tea tree oil (the oil kills viruses).

This is an excellent mask and comes complete with 4 replacement N100 elements (although I would grab more if you can). If you’re serious about protection this is where I would go. The masks below that protect your mouth only leave the possibility of infection through your eyes, eye protection is every bit as important as mouth protection.

GVS SPR457 Elipse N100 Face Mask
GVS are well known for making super comfortable products, when I painted cars for a living this was one of my favourite masks!

Unlike the half face mask above and below, the construction here is a synthetic material rather than hard plastic yet it has the same conforming shape to your face that leaves no gaps.

Their filters are replaceable but often not as easy to find and buy as 3M products, this is worth keeping in mind as you don’t know when you will need filters in an emergency. This would be my choice for a budget mask but I would stock up with 20-30 filters just in case (they are cheap).

No products found.

3M 07192 Respirator - Medium
This is a double filter half face masks from 3M. These are N95 (N100 filters also available) which fit around your face very snuggly.

These are ideal for a husband/wife team. They do come in different sizes but medium should fit the majority of people. These are excellent masks that I have used personally and the detachable filter pods are widely available.

Childrens Face Mask - For 5-12 Year Old Children
Thank you to Chris in the comments section for pointing out that I didn’t cover anything for children… My mistake.

This is a good product that will suit smaller faces. It’s a N99 filter so it’s higher rated than N95 masks and should protect children against the virus and should fit their face well. I think this will do well for small children, any child above 9 years old should be big enough for an adult mask at that point.

Other Protections Against Coronavirus

As the virus grows and spreads around the world the danger massively increases and things could turn rather difficult very quickly. Due to the fact that it’s Chinese New Year and levels of travel in infected areas is so high right now it’s the worst possible time for such a virus to mutate. In addition to wearing in a mask if you are indeed near a confirmed coronavirus outbreak there are a number of other things I would be encouraging you to take seriously. The best place to be if a local outbreak occurs is at home with no contact from the outside world.

You may think of this as rather extreme, but it’s not. This is a virus that spreads from person to person with no immediate symptoms that is more contagious than the common cold… If you don’t want this virus then you need to limit contact with it as much as possible. If you are concerned about the virus the advice from the WHO is to immediately go home and lock yourself away while it’s dealt with.

Hand Sanitizer and Gloves

Become obsessed with hand cleaning, avoid contact with animals and surfaces that lots of people touch such as door handles and other surfaces. Washing with soap and water is fine, but while on the move a high alcohol content hand sanitizer is advised!

These alcohol gel products kill bacteria and viruses very effectively. Stock up on this and use it liberally, it does not require water to work so it’s ideal for on the move.

Stockpiling Essentials

If things escalate the best place to be is in your home and you will want to avoid leaving and risk exposing yourself to the outside world…Stockpiling essentials could become necessary, some of these products may be:

  • Emergency Food
  • Batteries and or Generators
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Medicines you may need

For most people these are regular household items and things you’re going to use up anyway if nothing happens, but it’s best to have them now and be ready in case something does happen. If you are not prepared you will be fighting at stores as other people stockpile goods, get ahead of the curve.


If it does come down to it (or another disaster happens later on down the road) you want to be prepared with a good amount of food ready to go. You can start at the supermarket, looking for food with a very long expiration date such as:

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Dehydrated Veg and Fruit
  • Canned Food

You can also buy survival food online designed for this purpose with a 25+ year shelf life and they really don’t taste all that bad, they are the same sort of dehydrated meals hikers eat which can be prepared warm or cold.

Water also needs thought, the simple solution is to buy large water containers and store it yourself but another solution for those without that kind of space is canned water with a 50 year shelf life.


Backup power systems may be a good idea, particularly if you are someone living in remote area.

Simple solutions include:

  • Generators
  • Solar
  • Batteries

Air Purification

As you are in your home and the windows are shut air will become stuffy, one way to beat this is an air purifier which can double as a source of extra protection…

You want a HEPA rated filter with back up filter elements. These machines push air through a filter with pulls out dust, pollen, smoke and the particular model below uses a UV light to kill viruses like Coronavirus. If you can stretch I would advise one of these per room as they really do help!

Disposable Suits

Disposable protective clothing whenever you are forced to leave your home will keep the risk of bringing the virus into your home at a minimum. I would advise that these are kept in your cars and your home, when used in conjunction with a mask and gloves you’re going to be very well protected. Change out of these BEFORE entering your home and immediately shower/wash if you are forced to go outside during the outbreak.

Corona Virus FAQ

What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds that include diarrhea in cows and pigs, and upper respiratory disease in chickens. In humans, the virus causes respiratory infections, which are often mild, but are potentially lethal.

Coronaviruses are not uncommon as a group, Ebola, Sars, Mers and most flus are Coronaviruses but the danger is this particular mutation is extremely dangerous and has killed hundreds of people at this point.

Why is it so dangerous?

Well we don’t know if it is yet, there were 45 deaths out of the first 1000 confirmed cases. That’s a 4.5% mortality rate…

For comparison regular seasonal influenza has a mortality rate of 1% so it seems far more dangerous but so far data is limited.

Where has Coronavirus spread?

So far there have been confirmed cases in the US (Washington and Chicago), France, China, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

China has shut down entries and exits to Wuhan where the virus spread and the capital Beijing. They are taking this very seriously but doctors and nurses are concerned that supplies are limited to treat and test people.

Is there a cure to Coronavirus?

At this stage there is no vaccine for the new coronavirus, which means it is more difficult for vulnerable members of the population – elderly people or those with existing respiratory or immune problems – to protect themselves. One sensible step to get the flu vaccine, which will reduce the burden on health services if the outbreak turns into a wider epidemic.

What are the symptoms?

The virus causes pneumonia, a build up of fluid in the lungs. Those who have fallen ill suffered from breathing difficulties, coughs and fever. People have also suffered organ failure however those are likely to be weak people such as the elderly or previous health conditions.

It’s a viral pneumonia, which makes anti-biotics useless. The drugs we have for flu will not work against this virus. Hospitals will help clear peoples lungs but ultimately recovery will depend on the individuals immune system.

Should we be worried?

This is a major concern and 100,000’s of people will die from this virus. We are at war with a common enemy and must stick together.

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Max Tucker

Max is a 31 year old blogger from Worcester, UK. He has a masters in Computer Science and is currently running a marketing agency based in London. In his spare time he likes to review technology and out doors equipment. Read more about him.

69 thoughts on “Best Coronavirus (N95) Mask”

  1. Did you hear that there are over 80,000 infected? This is going to get serious isn’t it?

    I’m worried, thanks for your article it’s very helpful.

    • Do your research; Oregano oil in capsules, Selenium ,Magnesium, Iodine, Soda Bi Carbonate,
      You need to protect your ears; cotton balls with Tea Tree Oil on the cotton, just a drop or 2..
      The virus can enter thru Eyes, Reason for full face mask, Nose, Mouth, Ears. May wear disposable gloves.
      Remember to remove shoes outside. NO ONE in your space for a while. People can be infected and contagious for 14 days before the symptom’s show up.

  2. Hey , First of all Thank You for this very informative text.
    i will definitely buy many of those things

    Just one Question do you think that those maskes for 30 Dollar can be worn multiple times?
    And should I change my Mask and my Gloves and my Disposable Suit before entering home?
    Should i just leave it out of home or can i take it in ?

    Should I Clean my Mask and my Suit or is it ok to leave it like that

    Hope you will respond

    Thank you so much

    • In a perfect world you will change mask every time you leave the house but that’s not always possible…

      Without the virus being breathed in where it can survive in the body I expect Coronavirus to only survive 48 hours. If your mask did it’s job and the virus is within the filter material it’s best that you obviously keep that away from your face and body but if you waited 48-72 hours before reusing the mask in theory the virus should be dead but I am not an expert in this…

      I’d rather you used the same mask over and over though than no mask at all!

      • Max, I think you are right on the filters. Best idea, set them in Sunlight and or spray them with medical grade anti-viral spray.
        Folks need to be careful about removing and or touching anything that may be contaminated. Might have to go as far as wearing a protecting suit you can decontaminate outside before entering home.
        Don’t forget about your shoes, they stay out side, soles up and spray them with medical grade spray.

      • Virus is alive for 48 hours on surface i.e. plastic cup. Up to 4-5 days is alive in fluids! Human drop out where the virus is generally contained is fluid plus organic environment(read food and home for virus), so take a note and stay healthy.

  3. Hello,

    Do you know of anything that is suitable for a child 4 or 5 year old range? I can’t seem to find anything in terms of a half mask, I am buying one for myself, my wife, and my 10yr old as part of my ‘just in case it hits the fan’ box. Thanks for the all the information, very much appreciated!

  4. Hi. I live in Indonesia and single use n95 mask are on shortage,

    I wonder if the 3M 3200 Respirator (chinese manufactured) offers the same amount of protection and comfort in breathing although it only has a single catridge unlike the 6000 series that has one in both sides. Any feedback would be absolutely helpful, Thanks!

    • Hey Raiden,

      Yes I’ve looked at the specs and the 3M 3200 should work fine!

      It’s the filter element you need to worry about, not how many but the size and quality. The 3200 model has a N95 filter so should be fine.

      Stay safe out there.

    • Max,
      Thanks for providing this great summary.
      I have some questions on half-face masks such as the GVS SPR457 Elipse.
      1) are they really effective against the Coronavirus? The GVS website seems to have another type of Mask in the bio-danger category that are all disposable and that Explicitly speak about defending against viruses. It seems that the GVS SPR457 is more a respiratory mask designed to protect from other stuff (like odor, chemical, paint, etc…) but they never mention virus protection in the description (contrary to the what they say for the disposable bio-masks.
      2) you are usually supposed to through away the disposable masks before you enter your home. Is it not dangerous to come back hone with these masks, and even more so to manipulate them to change the filters ?
      3) how are we supposed to clean them assuming that they are covered by the virus ? Can we spray them with anti-septic without damaging them. ? We could not leave them dry in the sun for 5 days between every use unless we have 5 masks each.
      Many thanks for your guidance.

      • Hello David,

        1. Yes they are totally effective, the N95 or better grade filter will trap the virus. The biological masks have a smaller filter capacity but the coronavirus is a large virus. The bio model will work for other viruses too so you may want to consider that option but this post is specifically for coronavirus.

        2. I would not bring a used mask inside your home. Keep clean filters inside your home, remove mask at your door and dispose of the filter element (or store away for sun cleansing). I would then spray with a virus killing spray (see other comments for links to this) and let it dry in the sun. When you come back outside add your new filter element, spray again with virus killing spray and go on your way.

        3. See above.

        Since this post I have created this blog post about UV lights that kill the virus, a combination of a mask and UV is not expensive and will help keep your mask virus free.


  6. For this medical issue, you HAVE TO HAVE a full face mask. The Virus will enter thru Nose, mouth, eyes and ears. For the ears cotton balls with Tea Tree Oil on them. It would be smart to wear medical gloves as well.
    You need to take care when removing the protective items so not to contaminate them. Set in Sunlight when not wearing them to kill the virus. Medical sanitation sprays may be helpful, just make sure the spray will not attack the mask/lens that you buy.
    Depending on the filter you use, some are only good for minutes not indefinite length of time.
    Be very careful and have your food, water and extra filters in the home. You most likely will not want to leave the safety of you home. This virus can run 14 days before the symptoms show up. That means NO ONE comes into your space until this threat is over.
    DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE, it will be like the flu Vaccine, most likely won’t work and these viruses can and will mutate. Some simple things to have on hand to fight this virus if you can’t get to a hospital.
    Selenium, Magnesium Chloride, Iodine, Soda Bi carbonate. Buy some jell capsules to use with Oregano oil. The oil is hot, so put in capsule and swallow. Follow the instructions on the bottle and or do your own research. I don’t give out dosages without knowing your medical background, needs and current meds you may be on.
    This is a man made Virus. It did not come from a food market. The patent # is 10-130-701, issued 11/20/2018. Goggle ;USAHITMAN Conspiracy News or type in Coronavirus, lots of info.
    If you also look up P.L. 105 – 85 , It is law, our government can spray you with Chem Trails and Biological weapons. That is how our Government rolls. Just a few weeks ago, there was an exercise on this vary same issue.
    Stay Safe,
    Ranger Rick
    United States Army -5th Grp Special Forces – Medic – 18-Delta

  7. Do you know whether the GVS SPR299 Elipse P3 is of the same protection level as the GVS SPR457 Elipse P100? And which filters would be best to acquire with it? I’d like to have all my facts straight before the Dutch government milks me for import tax for the wrong items..

    • Anno, both masks have filters that meet the standards needed to filter out the Coronavirus. Either option will work but the best one out the two is the GVS SPR457 Elipse P100.

      Try a hardware store before you order, you may be surprised what they have locally (and avoid import duty).

      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for the quick response!

        I checked, but these types of masks aren’t carried (3M dominates) and the only one I found in The Netherlands (at a wood working shop) was the P3. I could buy one of the 3M masks (prices are fairly similar) but I like the streamlined GVS model better. Amazon in Germany has loads of GVS masks, except.. right. Same goes for the UK site, which.. what? It’s made there, right?!

        Any additional suggestions will be much appreciated. I.e. do they sell them locally in the UK? I could ask relatives or friends to buy & send then. Sorry for being verbose. Something about empty white spaces’ which can be filled.. indefinitely 😉

        • Hi yes you can buy elipse mask p3 filters now while its allowed as in jan wasnt possible from screw fixes or tool station
          18 pounds or the better one for 27,50 both are great and skate filters too

  8. Appreciate your work here and the useful information. I’m getting the P100 elipse half mask and wondering what is your thought on the time before both filters should be changed. In terms of conditions – it’s about going to work and back so a bit of public transport and walking out for an hour each way. A month is a long time or can a filter be used for longer? Many thanks again!

    • If you’re using this for virus prevention then a month is too long! This virus can live on a surface for 5 days, I would change daily. The good news is though that you can reuse filters once this 5 day period has passed… Sun light is one of the best sterilizers of virus cells. Placing your filters in the sun will kill them.

  9. Max,

    Almost every product you linked is sold out. Can you please also add your second choice in each category?

    Thanks for all of the work you have put into this.

    • Hi Lorita!

      I am trying my best to keep up with links on this post but due to high demand stock levels are changing rapidly on Amazon.

      Amazon actually does an amazing job of recommending products for you when items are out of stock, as long as the mask is rated N95 or N100 it should be suitable.

      Hope this helps.

    • I would change the filter each day but don’t throw them out… Leave them in the sun for a few days and any viruses or bacteria inside the filter will be killed by the UV light from the sun.

  10. The virus did not originated from eating snakes and more wild animals! This is a misleading theory! No evidences for this!!!

  11. Max,
    I have a P95 Paint Sprayer by 3M coming. I’m told that the designation P95 is more stringent than N95, because it doesn’t let through oils. Is that correct information. Can it be used for periodic being outside, assuming I wait between uses for 78 hours? I’d like to be able to go to the store for emergency purchases.

    • Hello Gary,

      Yes, you can use these outside. P rating is more for paint as it filters solvents like you have described that are used to spray paint evenly on objects.

      It will be 100% fine to use outside.

      Stay safe.

  12. The Chinese are divided into two classes – the highly evolved Buddhist’s that practice Ahimsa and do not eat meat, and the uneducated peasants who eat dogs, cats and other filthy raw meat. In the age of the internet they still hang raw meat to rot and for flys to lay eggs on. Not all Chinese do this but may are filthy animals. Same can be said for all races. Even the educated Scandinavians still kill Whales. In this case it’s the filthy Chinese eating habits that are responsible for putting us all at risk. Don’t bash them just ban them from travel to your country!

  13. Hello, What about these cloth type masks that have an intake valve which helps with breathing, and use carbon filters? The masks are also washable and reusable. These are Oxy Breath Pro, Safe Home, and Family Prepping Association masks which I’ve seen online. I reused my hardware N95 disposable mask by hitting it several minutes with my hot air hair dryer. The Family Prepping Association is sold out of their masks. I have a pregnant daughter in law living in Dallas, Texas I am concerned about. Also, my son as he is a fussy eater. My brother in NC is diabetic, and I have another brother who has disabilities and asthma. I myself am over 65 years old. I tend to eat more veggie, but I have some meats and eggs with the Mediterranean diet.

    • The Oxybreath pro masks are actually a scam product and something I refused to add to this review Susan.

      The hardware store N95 or above is the best thing to use. The cloth masks are better than nothing but will not protect you like the real thing.

  14. Thanks so much, Max, for putting this all together! A couple of questions please. I bought a mask on Tophatter that looks like the mask you have for kids except mine has a plastic valve. When I bought it, they advertised it as an N95 but when I got it, it didn’t have labels or anything that was labeled N95. It was stretchy and foamy. How can foam filter out virus? Until I saw what you wrote about it, I wasn’t even going to consider letting anyone wear it.
    Also, my niece is an RN (3 years now) on an ICU COVID 19 ward in Atlanta. I sent her 2 N95 whte masks with valves but I need to get her a reusable respirator. Can you suggestion one in that situation please? I was looking at the 3M 6100 but seems it would be miserable to wear for her 12 hour shifts. They gave her one disposable N95 that she has to use until she can’t use it anymore. After reading your info, shouldn’t she have an N100? I pushed until she finally sent me a selfie of herself at work. She had on a red, white, and blue cloth mask that someone had made for the hospital. I just started crying. She has such a good attitude but said yesterday was her worse day ever. Said amazing senior nurses who had been there for a long time just looked shattered. I don’t know how they are doing what they do. They truly are heros! Any suggestions about what I could send her would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Janet,

      Firstly your child mask seems almost fake, I would doubt it’s N95 rated but I suppose it’s better than nothing.

      Please pass on my best wishes to your niece, she’s a hero! As for masks N95 is fine, N100 is better. I can’t really recommend anything right now in good faith as fake masks have flooded the market and hospitals are buying every maks they can leaving nothing for the public.

      I really wish her the best but I can’t help.


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