Gifts for Drummers

As a drummer since I was a young child, I know it can be extremely difficult for non-drummers to find the perfect gifts for drummers in their lives.

I’ve always appreciated those that buy me gifts related to my passion, but 9 times out of 10 they often buy me something I either already have or something that’s just not suitable so to help other people out there in the same position as my loved ones I have decided to put together a list of 50 gift ideas that most drummers would appreciate.

I’ve tried to cover all budgets and picked items that are easy to buy as most of these items can be found locally at a music store or just on Amazon. I’ve also picked items that cover people who just play in their garage to beat the stress of life out of them right up to those who play in bands.

I hope some of these ideas work for you, let me know in the comments section!

Gifts for Drummers

Mini Finger Drunk Set

Mini Finger Drunk Set I was given one of these about 10 years ago at an office secret Santa and it’s honestly the best gift I’ve been given. It’s something that I’ve taken with me to every workplace since then and it’s genuinely fun to play with. This is something where it doesn’t matter what the drummer plays or at what level, they should appreciate this as a bit of fun to play during the day.

You can actually play some decent music on these too, they are not terrible at all but they do sound cheap. It’s a fantastic gift for a drummer.

Drum Stand Cup Holder

Drum Stand Cup Holder This is a clip on bottle holder that universally fits onto boom stands so it should fit all drum kits. Drumming is physically tiring, the coordination and strength required to play at pace is very surprising and an hour long drumming session can burn over 250 calories for the average person.

This is something I bought myself after an incident at a gig. I used to throw my drinks on the floor after I took a sip but one day I managed to kit my bottle under a pedal and it got stuck. Since then I have been using 2 of these bottle holders and they are a live saver! They clamp onto any boom or drum stand and work with almost any cup or bottle from 16oz water bottles to 24oz coffee cups.


Metronome Any musician will benefit from practicing with a metronome. This is a small device that moves to a set beat allowing the musician to practice precise timing while playing. This is a skill which every musician must master.

This particular metronome is a good one, it requires no battery and is extremely versatile timing from 40bpm to 208bpm. This should cover just about every range a drummer would be expected to play.

Lotus Steel Drum

Lotus Steel Drum Steel drums go by all sorts of names (tongue drumbs, lotus drums, pan drums…) but this Lavender Lotus Steel drum was something a friend of mine once showed me and I was immediately intrigued. They also play the drums and spend a lot of time traveling on business, they take this with them in their luggage so they can play on the road, it’s unusual but really fun at the same time. A Lotus Drum is a steel drum originating in Asia, used by Buddhists. It’s very tactile, it’s a joy to play with and not overly loud or intrusive like a regular drum set. It’s relaxing and a sensual experience which sounds somewhat like a windchime.

This drum can be played with your hands or the sticks provided. It has 8 tones, it’s a seriously cool instrument that any drum fan would appreciate.

Drummer Parking Only Sign

Drummer Parking Only Sign This is another low cost gift idea that will please almost any drummer. They are ideal gag gifts for putting on music rooms or bed rooms. This product is printed on Aluminium so it would work inside or outside, it’s well made and it’s under $10!

Drumstick Holder

Drumstick Holder There is nothing worse than losing one of your drum sticks, this drum stick holder is the perfect way to keep organised and prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality. This is a product that should last a life time and will be universal fit to any drum kit as it just relies on friction to stay there. It’s well made by a recognisable brand and can hold 6 pairs of sticks comfortably.

Alesis Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis Electronic Drum Kit This is a bit more of a serious gift, but I thought I would include it anyway. Alesis are a great brand in electronic drum kits, they produce some of the best available but this is a moderately priced beginner model.

Electronic or digital drum kits are ideal for people who live in places where analogue drum kits are just not suitable. They take up less space and users wear headphones so they are great for apartments or for teenagers still living at home with mom and dad… They are also excellent in letting people record their music for production or uploading to the internet. Sounds can be edited differently on the computer side of things so 1 drum kit can produce the sounds of any drum kit, this is great for a beginner who may not know what they want to play yet.

Precision Drum Tuner

Precision Drum Tuner Drum tuning can be quite difficult but a tool like this precision drum tuner can get things done extremely quickly. Simply clip it onto a drum hoop and follow the on screen instructions. You can tune a kit within 20 minutes.

Drumstick Cooking Spoons

Drumstick Cooking Spoons These drum stick spoons are a great gift for anyone who is a foodie or a drummer. Not only are they useful as spoons in the kitchen but they can also be used to beat pans and worktops while you’re waiting for your Super Noodles to finish boiling.

However, the slotted spoon does look very annoying to clean.

Bulk Buy Drumsticks

Bulk Buy Drumsticks It’s always best to try and find what drumsticks your friend or loved one is currently playing with and buying more of those if you do want to buy them some drumsticks, but if they are just starting out or they only play at home a pack of drumsticks like this are ideal gifts. Drumsticks do break and often need replacing, it can be awful to find you just broke your last pair… A pack like this could really save their day!

5A drumsticks are the most commonly used, but buying the brand and model your drummer plays with is best as shape and feel does vary. Ultimately drumstick choice comes down to personal preference but these non-branded sticks are not bad for the money.

Pearl Cowbell

Pearl Cowbell Cowbells have always been popular with drummers as addons to their drum kit. They offer a unique sound that traditional drums just cannot produce and they are relatively low cost and mostly sound the same… This is ideal if you are trying to find a gift as you’re very unlikely to buy the wrong one.

This Pearl model is produced by one of the best drum manufacturers in the world and will cost you less than a box of beer. It would make a great gift!

Pearl Drum Stool

Pearl Drum Stool Moving onto my second Pearl product in a row, a drum stool would make a great gift. This is a high quality item that will last a long time, many drummers tend to cheap out on their choice of stool in order to buy better equipment elsewhere, it’s not really something drummers focus on. Buying a good quality stool will really be appreciated, cheaper stools can break very easily. This is a product that should last a very long time and it’s fully adjustable for any drummer.

Donald Trump Drummer Mug

Donald Trump Drummer Mug Who doesn’t want the personal recommendation of Donald Trump? Politics is a divided place at the moment, but I think people on both sides would be able to appreciate this as a gag gift.

Other mugs are available, but they make a great low cost gift.

Practice Pads

Practice Pads Practice pads are designed to sit on top of the drums surface and greatly reduce the noise they make when playing, as the name suggests they are ideal for practice as they allow the drummer the same feel, fit and technique they always use but without the ear piercing noise that drums make.

These are amazing gifts for parents, girlfriends and neighbours… Who will all occasionally benefit from not having the full blown noise of a drum set in their home.

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Drummers Survival Pack

Drummers Survival Pack This is an absolute necessary for any drummer who gigs. The pack contains everything a drummer needs from repair patches, spare snare wire, strings, washers, cymbal felts and sleeves. This should cover just about any minor disaster while out on the road, or replaces parts like wing nuts which often go missing when you least want them too.

This will prevent your drummer from being caught out while on the road, it’s one of the best gifts for drummers you could get.

Drum Kit Dust Cover

Drum Kit Dust Cover These are a great gift for drummers who have to leave their drum kit in a garage, attic or shed. These spaces often are dusty environments and it doesn’t take long for the kit to start losing it’s shine and look a bit tired… Drum kits are also very annoying to clean, it’s a difficult tasks which most people end up neglecting.

This is where a dust cover comes in, it keeps the crap off your drum kit reducing your maintenance and letting you focus on the fun side of the hobby.

Drummers Multi Tool

Drummers Multi Tool Drums take a lot of abuse and things often come lose, it’s not unusual for something to fall off during practice. This can be seen in the ending of Whiplash.

Most drummers will have a collection of odd tools they have found around the house to keep on top of this, you could upgrade them to this drum specific Pearl multitool for very little money. You could treat them even further with a small tube of loctite to help prevent these things from coming lose again as well.

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