Find Me 10 is a website designed to help users find honest, in depth and unbiased reviews of various products online.

The idea for this website came around when I was searching for products online, I realised that if I am searching for the “Best X for _____” other people will be also so I began my journey into reviewing products online.

If you are looking for honest, reliable and clear product reviews. This website is for you!

The idea of Find Me 10 is to produce detailed “Top 10” shoot outs for products, show casing the positive and negative side of all the chosen products, enabling users such as yourself to get an informed and honest opinion on the products reviewed. We will highlight certain products with “Best Value”, “Editors Choice” or “Best For Beginners” clearly showing what we would recommend users do.

Meet The Editor

I am Max Tucker, the founder of Find Me 10.

I am a 31 tech geek, entrepreneur, marketer and computer scientist from Worcester, UK but currently living and working in London. I wanted to produce a website that enabled users to make the best choices and informed decisions when buying products online.

For many years I have tried to keep up to date in items I am interested in, but due to poor review sites that only promote products instead of honestly critiquing them I was fed up of spending my money on junk.

I formed Find Me 10 to create a new kind of review site, one which actually uses the products we recommend. A review website that highlights both the good side, and bad side of various products. This is my goal and I hope you stick around while we deliver!

Please take a look round, and leave a comment!

Contacting Find Me 10

You can contact Find Me 10 by using our contact page. We aim to respond to all emails within a week.