HFT Shooting Mat

HFT Shooting

In the last decade, hunter field target (HFT) shooting has come a long way. For a sport that started out as practice for airgun hunting it is now holding World Championship events that attract over 350 shooters! For those just getting into the sport you really are picking the best time to do it, gone …

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Best Fish Finder for Kayak

fish finder for kayak

Fishing on a Kayak can be a lot of fun, but only when you catch some fish. We will be looking at the #1 gadget for kayak fishing, the best fish finder for kayak! Fish finders work by using sonar and other technologies to scan the water and detect fish. They can accurately tell you …

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Best Archery Arm Guard

archery arm guard

Archery Arm Guards are designed to keep you safe! As you shoot your bow your leading arm will occasionally come into contact with the string and this can lead to injury. A simple piece of leather or plastic which is worn on your forearm will prevent this from happening. Archery arm guard have been worn …

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