Frag Racks

Eventually all reef aquarium enthusiasts will need a frag rack, as corals grow and need to be cut back many of us can’t face throwing these cuttings in the trash and why would we? Our coral isn’t cheap after all and many rare specimens can sell for big money. So it makes sense that all reef keepers have a frag rack available.

Frags don’t need dedicated systems either, a lot of us just keep magnetic frag racks in our display tanks where coral can grow before we take it to the local fish store for trade or even dedicate small spaces in our sump with small lights (such as the AI Prime HD) and grow corals down there. Coral fragging does not need to be overly complicated or expensive.

So if you’re at the point where you need to frag coral and you’re struggling to keep them on your sandbed as your fish or clean up crew bury your frags in sand, get a frag rack. There are also plenty of guides online to making your own, they are pretty simple after all but they are also inexpensive… how much is your time worth?

Frag Rack

A good frag rack will depend on your needs, they are available in many different shapes and sizes. Some are magnetic, use suction cups, hook to the rim of your tank or even are designed to look like live rock so they blend into your aquarium. You want to find something that suits your goals, if you are only doing this occasionally a magnetic frag rack might be best but if you want to dedicate space to this in a sump or separate system a stand alone frag rack will be what you need.

Visit the Reefing Art Magnetic Coral Frag Rack Strongest N52 Magnets 3/4


  • LARGE MAX: Size: 12" x 4"
  • MAX MAGNETIC STRENGTH: N52-Max magnets for up to 3/4" thick wall. ( 60% stronger than similar products )
  • FRAG QUANTITY: 41 Small 1 inch frags / 19 Large 1.5 inch frags
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Waterproof sealed / triple protected N52-MAX Neodymium Magnets ( 2 pairs ) & High quality cell cast acrylic, built to last a lifetime
  • MAX ADAPTATION: 1/2" frag holes fit most frag plugs, strong magnets hold steady on glass, acrylic, or even plastic stock tank containers.

Visit the Oceans Wonders N52 Mag Rack Pro Magnetic Coral Frag Rack Holds Up To 30 Frag Plugs on Amazon.


  • Holds up to 30 frags on up 3/4" thick aquarium walls
  • Made with 1/2" thick epoxy coated-resin sealed N52 grade neodymium magnets
  • Proprietary assembly and sealing process completed in the U.S.A. ensures quality
  • Lifetime Warranty on Magnets, Guaranteed to never rust or corrode
  • Made from injection molded aquarium grade ABS plastic

Visit the Your Choice Aquatics Small Black Magnetic Frag Rack on Amazon.


  • Support up to 1/2″ thick glass or acrylic
  • Black acrylic
  • Super strong Neodymium magnets
  • Hold up to 8 small or large frag plugs

Visit the Reefing Art Vertical Frag Rack Holds up to 84 Coral frag Plugs Hang on Back (Large) on Amazon.


  • Dimension : Height: adjustable 11.5" - 12.5" / Width: 11" / Depth: 2.5" ( able to fit in 12" shallow tank)
  • Adjustable hanger from 1/4" to 1.5" fit most rimless and rimmed aquariums with trim up to 1.5"
  • Total 3 racks, each comes with front baffle & 1/2" frag slots for both frag discs and frag plugs.
  • Side panel has 7 sets rack holes. Adjustable height of each rack and space between two racks.
  • Adjustable angle of each rack from horizontal to 30 degree angle

Visit the Reefing Art Magnetic Real Reef Frag Rack N52 Magnets (Coralline Purple) on Amazon.


  • DEMINSION: 8.5" x 3.5" x 2.5" with 1/2" frag holes
  • MATERIAL: 100% Aquarium safe epoxide resin / waterproof sealed N52 Neodymium Magnets
  • ADAPTATION: For up to 1/2" thick GLASS aquarium, not recommended for acrylic aquarium
  • FEATURE: Simulate real live rock structures and textures, perfectly blend into your reef

Visit the Momowoa Front Row Bending Suction Acrylic Coral Frag Rack Holds 8 Plugs for Aquarium Tank Water Pump on Amazon.


  • MATERIAL - The Sturdy acrylic construction Coral Frag rack is delicate, smooth and high brightness, Rounded corners prevent injury to livestock.
  • DESIGN - The acrylic Coral Frag Rack Holds, the front row of curved shape, so coral branches & buttons more layered.Increase the beauty of the landscape.
  • NO METAL PARTS TO RUST - This Coral Frag rack with 1/2" in Diameter holes could Hold up to 8 frag plugs. Install or relocate in seconds. no metal parts, it will never harm your reef, livestock or it's inhabitants.
  • HIGH ADAPTATION - Our Clear polish acrylic Clear Coral Frag Rack, The front curved version helps the coral to absorb the light more evenly and grow healthier.
  • EASY INSTALL - Clean the surface of the tank, keep the suction cup close to the tank tightly, then fix the nut, and do not tighten the nut too much in case the damage.

Visit the Oceans Wonders MAG Rock 6.0 Magnetic Coral Frag Rack Plug Holder with 6 Plugs on Amazon.


  • Ceramic Magnetic Frag Rock Shelf - Natural Coralline Color
  • Small size 7" x 2" Great for NANO aquariums!
  • 6 FREE Coralline Purple Frag Plugs included
  • Securely holds on up to 1/2" thick aquarium walls or overflows
  • Made with Super Strong N52 Grade Epoxy Sealed - Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnets

Visit the Innovative Marine Reef Rack - Magnetic 32 on Amazon.


  • Cell Cast Acrylic Construction | 4 Tiers
  • Sliding Removable Shelves | 32 Holes for Frags
  • Magnetic Strength up to ½” Glass
  • Fits Most Coral Frag Plugs up to 15mm in Diameter
  • Patented Design

Visit the Small Coral Frag Rack on Amazon.


  • Thick Acrylic
  • Holds Coral plugs up to 1.5" in Diameter

Visit the Your Choice Aquatics Black Large Magnet Frag Rack on Amazon.


  • Hold up to 23 small or large frag plugs
  • Support up to 1/2″ thick glass or acrylic
  • Black acrylic
  • Super strong Neodymium magnets

Visit the Oceanbox Designs GLO Magnetic Mini Frag Racks (12 Frags, for 1/2


  • Streamlined sleek design with fluorescent highlight, glow under blue and purple spectrum reef light
  • Dual “REEF SAFE” waterproof magnets for mounting on AIO or overflow wall
  • Dimensions: 6 Frags: 6"L x 1-3/16"W, 8 Frags: 8"L x 1-3/16"W
  • Compatible Frag Plugs: 1/2" Stem Max, 3/4-1" Crown
  • Hand-crafted in Texas, USA

Visit the Eshopps AEO19100 Frag Rack Colour Corner for Aquarium Water Pumps, 6-Inch on Amazon.


  • These ceramic plugs look natural and are heavy; Unlike aragonite mixed with a Portland cement, do not leach aluminum
  • Ceramic material instead of cement
  • Curved top surface for better water flow to prevent RTN disease

Visit the Innovative Marine Reef Rack - 50 on Amazon.


  • Cell Cast Acrylic Construction | 5 Tiers
  • Sliding Removable Shelves | 50 Holes for Frags
  • Laser Cut Flow Ports
  • Fits Most Coral Frag Plugs up to 15mm in Diameter
  • Patented Design

Visit the ReefCreators 2 Small Reef Rock Frag Stations Hold 3 Frag Plugs Each Frag Station (Includes 6 Plugs) on Amazon.


  • 100% Kiln fired ceramic
  • No curing required
  • Natural look to blend into your reef tank
  • Hold 3 frag plugs each
  • Includes 6 frag plugs

Visit the Oceans Wonders Ceramic Coralline Purple Coral Frag Plugs 30 Pack on Amazon.


  • Direct replacement frag plugs for our MAG Rack and Frag HUBS
  • Natural purple color with a 3/4" wide crown
  • Guaranteed compatibility, maximize space and optimal fit with all Oceans Wonders frag holders
  • Ceramic material no curing needed just rinse and use
  • Amazon exclusive 30 pack only available here

Visit the Oceans Wonders Large Coral Frag Plugs 100pc on Amazon.


  • 1-1/8" crown perfect size for most frags
  • Made from 100% Pure Caribsea reef sand
  • Natural white color
  • Fit perfectly into standard eggcrate or into small cracks or crevices in live rock

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Frag Rack Conclusion

You really won’t go wrong with whatever you pick, frag racks are very simple as you can see. They just need some method to stay steady in your aquarium and holes for frag plugs.

I will say as a general rule I try to stay away from frag racks with suckers that attach to glass. Unless the glass is perfectly clean they will come loose and your frags will be in your anemones and dead by the time you get home from work, I speak from experience unfortunately… Magnetic frag racks work best in your display aquarium.

If you are going to dedicate sump space or plumb in a dedicated frag tank then a standalone unit like the innovative marine frag rack will be best. These are extendable to your needs over time as you grow more and more coral.

How to make frag rack?

If you want to make your own frag rack the easiest method is to use egg crate lighting diffuser. You can cut it to size and add feet/legs for the bottom of your aquarium or find a way to attach suction cups to your tank.

How do I grow coral frags faster?

To grow coral faster you need good lighting, food like reef roids and stable parameters. A good aquarium salt is also needed that provides enough minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity. Consistency is key in this hobby, wild swings in tank conditions can slow down or stop growth completely. Low phosphates and high pH will also help SPS and LPS corals grow quickly as these parameters can slowdown calcification of skeletons if left unchecked.

People also say keep your hands out of the aquarium, this can impact growth! The natural oils and pollutants on your hands from daily life may not damage us, but ultra sensitive coral can be damaged by them.

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