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Yamaha Bolt ExhaustMost motorcycle owners want to modify their ride and Yamaha Bolt owners are no different. For those looking to increase the performance or sound of their bike a Yamaha Bolt exhaust is a great place to start.

Changing the exhaust system on a motorcycle allows the engine to exhaust gas at a larger volume. This allows the engine to intake a larger volume of air and run far better over stock. Most modern motorcycles are choked back by stock exhausts due to strict emissions regulations. By changing the exhaust and adding a high flow air filter element you can improve the performance and overall feel of your Yamaha Bolt.

We have selected and reviewed the best aftermarket Yamaha Bolt Exhausts currently on the market with the aim of helping you select the right product for you.

Yamaha Bolt Exhaust

ModelExhaust Type 
Bassani Xhaust - Radial Sweepers - Best Performance ExhaustFull SystemCheck Price
Cobra 4" Slip Ons - Best Yamaha Bolt Slip-OnsSlip OnCheck Price
Danmoto Highwayman Bolt ExhaustSlip OnCheck Price
Bassani Xhaust - Megaphone Slip OnsSlip OnCheck Price
Freedom Exhaust - OutlawsFull SystemCheck Price
Radiant Cycles Shorty - Budget PickSlip OnCheck Price
Firebrand Grand PrixSlip OnCheck Price

When selecting an exhaust for your motorcycle it’s important you understand the different types of exhausts systems available to you.

Full Exhaust Systems

Full exhaust systems replace everything on your exhaust from the cylinder back. If you are looking to increase torque or horsepower and liberate the engine a full exhaust system is for you. Often you will find that aftermarket full exhaust systems feature larger diameter bores to allow more gas through, high flow catalytic convertors to improve performance and well designed mufflers to make your Yamaha Bolt sound just like it should.

However, this can come at a cost. These systems are often more expensive and to unlock the maximum performance benefits a full exhaust system offers you need a couple of extra items:

By adding a full exhaust to your Yamaha Bolt the engine will be able to expel gas at a much faster rate. This means your engine will need more air to compensate for this and more air needs more fuel. If you keep your stock air filter your engine will still be choking and not performing optimally (similar to stock) but if you replace the air filter element/intake then you’re engine will be lacking fuel and running lean.

This means the ratio of air to fuel is very high and not enough fuel will be burning, if this is left for long term it can cause premature and permanent damage to your motorcycle engine. We get around this by adding more fuel and we do this with a fuel management controller. They are simple to use and plug directly into your ECU. All of this together allows your Yamaha Bolt Exhaust to deliver great performance and run far more efficiently compared to stock.

A full exhaust system will also reduce the weight of your motorcycle too by upto 20 lbs.

Slip On Exhaust

Slip on exhausts are for people who are happy with their motorcycles performance but want to change the styling or sound of their Bolt. Slip Ons simply replace the muffler on the stock exhaust rather than the entire system. These are very simple to change and cost far less.

Slip on mufflers should have no major effect on performance and they do not require any changes to fuel injection systems or air intakes. They can be fitted to your motorcycle very simply in under 1 hour.

More information about Bassani Xhaust - Radial Sweepers on Amazon.

The Bassani Xhaust brand have been producing aftermarket exhausts for decades and have proven to be popular choices for other motorcycle brands, however this is their first move into creating an aftermarket Yamaha Bolt exhaust.

This exhaust is a full system, meaning it replaces the complete stock Yamaha exhaust from the engine back. This means you’re going to have a great performance advantage over stock because of the additional gas flow this exhaust can handle resulting in more power and a smoother ride.

They come with removable baffles which nice depending on your mood, if you are going for a nice relaxed ride you may prefer to keep these in but for those hoping for a louder more aggressive sound profile then removing these will be something you want to consider.

Fitting these pipes required a little bit of help at times. They can be slightly fiddly and with my fat fingers I needed a small amount of help from a second person but fitment to the bike was perfect. These are “bolt on” parts, no fabrication or permanent modification were needed to the bike or the exhaust. They are engineered very well.

These exhaust pipes also leave room for forward control units which was very nice as this is a mod I will be doing soon. Out of all the exhausts on review this is my favourite. The sound is nice and deep but not too loud for everyday use, the styling is excellent and the engineering and fitment was the best out of the bunch. I can’t rate these high enough, if you’re looking for a full Yamaha Bolt Exhaust you’re not going to get better than this.

Bassani Xhaust Radial Sweeper Sound

  • Extremely well made
  • Very light
  • Sound amazing
  • Fiddly to fit, extra pair of hands was helpful

Read more about the Cobra 4

Cobra are a well known and established motorcycle brand who have been producing some of the worlds best motorcycle parts for many years. Their Slip On Muffler range is regarded as one of the best out there and their Yamaha Bolt Slip On Muffler is no different.

Fitment was very easy to complete, you simply remove the OEM Yamaha muffler and replace it with with the Cobra. It took me less than 1 hour to do this at a very slow pace. The first thing I noticed when doing this was how much lighter the Cobra muffler was, it was very noticeable. The muffler also included baffles and there are optional billet slash cut tips available to change the style of the muffler even further.

The sound on this product was excellent. I found the deeper and louder roar of the engine to be awesome and exactly what I wanted from my motorcycle.

Cobra 4″ Slip On Muffler Sound

  • Very easy to install
  • They sound very nice
  • Way lighter than the stock muffler
  • Kind of loud

Vance & Hines 14-16 Yamaha Bolt Twin Slash Staggered Exhaust (Black)

$699.99  in stock
35 new from $699.99
Free shipping
Buy Now
as of November 12, 2019 1:08 pm


  • Cannot be sold or shipped to California
  • Designed to combine a host of features into a excellent looking and sounding exhaust system at an unbeatable value
  • Come with full-length heat shields over the head pipes and mufflers
  • Matte black ceramic, with signature Vance & Hines twin slash end treatment
  • Oversized twin mufflers can be refitted with optional baffle cores

Radiant Cycles Shorty GP Exhaust Motorcycle Slipon Short Muffler Pipe for 2014-2019 Yamaha Bolt XVS950 Black

$59.99  in stock
1 new from $59.99
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as of November 12, 2019 1:08 pm


  • Fits 2014-2019 Yamaha BOLT XVS950
  • Simple Installation: Remove your stock muffler and slip this new pipe in its place. Tighten clamp.
  • High Quality Finish: Powder coated to provide an excellent finish that matches the factory parts.
  • Heavy Duty Construction: Completely welded design that will provide years of hassle free use.
  • 60 Day Warranty: Radiant Cycles Shorty GP Exhausts come with a 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Yamaha Bolt


Why do motorcycle manufacturers fit bad exhausts as standard?
Motorcycle engines are very small and light. They lack a lot of the same technology that you see in car engines like turbo chargers which allow engines to use less fuel for more power, because of this states like California and the EU have introduced very strict exhaust emissions laws which means motorcycle manufacturers have to fit exhausts which help achieve this.

What other mods would look good on my Yamaha Bolt?
Bar end mirrors look pretty good on any motorcycle in my opinion.

How much is a Yamaha Bolt?
The new price of the Yamaha Bolt is $8000. This does not include in extras that you may want or on the road costs and taxes. These additional fees depend on your state.

What kind of oil is used for the Yamaha Bolt?
You need 4.30 quarts of YamaLube 20W-50 (10W50 for colder environments).

Do I need a motorcycle jack to change my Yamaha Bolt Exhaust?
A motorcycle jack would make it easier to reach some bolts, but it’s not needed. You can change exhaust with the motorcycle on it’s side stand.

How do I clean exhaust pipes on motorcycle?
The best way I have found is to first make sure your engine/exhaust is cool to touch. Then use standard bike cleaning solution and a cleaning mitt to wipe down any dirt off your exhaust. Next you need a microfibre towel to dry your exhaust to prevent water spots. Avoid using a pressure washer and make sure you don’t allow water to get inside your exhaust muffler. Once the heat shield is dry you can fire up your bike to evaporate any water that got between the shield and the actual exhaust.

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