Best Archery Arm Guard

Best Archery Arm GuardArchery Arm Guards are designed to keep you safe! As you shoot your bow your leading arm will occasionally come into contact with the string and this can lead to injury. A simple piece of leather or plastic which is worn on your forearm will prevent this from happening.

Archery arm guard have been worn for centuries by archers all over the world in the form of long gloves and gauntlets, but with the advancement of modern materials and technology now we have slim, lightweight and more comfortable options to pick from. The arm guard which will suit you best will depend on a few factors.

Your Archery Style

If you shoot modern olympic bows you may want to go with something modern, plastic and lightweight. This will look far better on the shooting range than a traditional leather product. Modern bows don’t mix too well with leather as there are other options out there.

Type Of Archery Arm Guard

Some arm guards slip on with velcro or elastic, some are leather and are laced up like armour. There are a whole bunch of options and you should pick what will suit you best and what you will feel comfortable using. In hot months something simple and minimalistic will be better than a full leather archery arm guard for example. I would also look at what products your local archery club members use too, see what they recommend and what works best.


This is pretty easy, pick something that fits. A tiny and skinny arm guard on a full grown gym-going man won’t offer proper protection and a giant arm guard on a teenage girl won’t work either. Keep this in mind when ordering the correct product as arm guards are something that don’t come in multiple sizes.

Best Archery Arm Guard


There is no definitive answer to finding the best archery armguard. With all the different archery disciplines from traditional shooting to barebow, the qualities of what a good armguard will change.

As I started the post with, you want an armguard that:

  • Fits well
  • Is comfortable
  • Fits your style of archery (and any rules within that discipline)

After this, the world is your oyster. It’s not unusual for archers to own multiple arm guards for different seasons and even having one for each bow they own. Feel free to order a few and find what works for you.

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