Ryobi Weed Eater – Review and Buyers Guide

Ryobi Weed EaterRyobi are the worlds biggest manufacturer of power tools and outdoor tools. When you are looking for a new tool for your job or home Ryobi are a great place to start and their line of Ryobi weed eater is no different.

Today we are looking at the range of 5 Ryobi weed eaters and strimmers, we will be taking a look at what they offer, how they perform and which ones you will benefit from the most. Ryobis line of string trimmers gives you a huge selection to suit all jobs and budgets.

Ryobi are famous for the Ryobi One+ battery system which allows owners to benefit from owning 1 battery which fits all their tools. Be sure to check out of our reviews of Ryobi batteries when ordering any Ryobi products. This is something Ryobi are famous for and a reason why many people purchase more than one Ryobi tool.

Ryobi Weed Eater

NamePower SourceCutting Radius 
Ryobi 18v One+ Electric String Trimmer - Budget OptionBattery10"Check Price
Ryobi 40v String Trimmer RY40204Battery10"Check Price
Ryobi Gas Powered 25cc String Trimmer - Premium OptionGas12"Check Price
Ryobi ZRP2080 Cordless String TrimmerBattery10"Check Price
Ryobi RY40220 40v Cordless Trimmer - Best ChoiceBattery13"Check Price

If you’re looking for a small, lightweight and easy to use strimmer for around the garden then this does everything you need.

This Ryobi strimmer is capable of using both the older Ni-CaD batteries as well as the more modern ONE+ batteries, meaning if you have other Ryobi tools that use ONE+ batteries then you’re already going to have everything you need to get going. From one 4aH battery we got around 45 minutes of run time, which was just about enough for us to do the edges on our garden.

At times and especially towards the end of the battery charge we did find the strimmer lacked power and progress was slowed down some what. However, the easy to use edge trimming feature made up for this and it could have been resolved by simply changing the battery.

The ryobi weed eater has a cutting diameter of 10″ which is about what you would expect for a general use string trimmer, and changing the string in the head was very easy.

Overall this product was very good, and a brilliant option for home use. This is out budget pick!

  • Shaft rotates for easy edging
  • Uses both Ni-cad and Lithium-ion ONE+ batteries
  • Lacks power

This Ryobi weed eater is much like the previous model, but a little more “heavy duty”.

Running from a 40 volt battery you can expect a little more grunt from the electric motor, this model is far more suited to heavier use, larger gardens or professional gardening.

Unfortunately some little things let it down, this extra power comes at a cost to battery life. We managed to get 30 minutes from a 2.2Ah battery which is less than the 18v ONE+ models on review today.

The 40v batteries are also a pain, the whole point in going with Ryobi is usually because users already have the batteries and charging gear from other tools they have purchased in the past. If you have to go out and buy 40 volt batteries for your new weed eater than that is the point, you may as well go and get some other brand with more features like this.

Users are also not exactly thrilled with this particular model, there are reports of screws stripping and even fires… Although this is more than likely down to mistreatment of the lithium batteries.

Other all, we think there are better options in this list.

  • 40 volts of power
  • Very light
  • Doesn’t use the Ryobi ONE+ battery

Ryobi don’t just make electric tools, they also produce some excellent gas power tools and this Ryobi Gas weed eater is one of those.

Featuring a powerful 25cc engine, you can expect plenty of punch when working in your garden. Some people are put off by gas power tools because they fear they are harder to start and maintain but have no worries here.

This weed eater features several things designed to keep it going for many years to come with no issues such as a full crank engine, which should double the life of the motor. A very capable carburettor which we found high quality and easy to clean and a reel-easy bump feed string head for easy reloads.

This tool, while not featuring the usual Ryobi universal battery does have one other trick up it’s sleeve. You have the option of removing the head from the strimmer and fitting other items, using the motor and fittings from this tool to do other tasks such as trim hedges.

Overall we found this to be an excellent product, light, long lasting and very well made. We are happy to call this our Premium pick.

  • Gas powered
  • Very consistent starting
  • None

This is one of the latest Ryobi weed eater models we have tested, so we were hoping it stacked up against some of the older models.

First off, we are looking at another tool that uses the legendary Ryobi ONE+ battery. No messing around with extra chargers or batteries, you have one already and therefore you’re ready to go.

Like other models on review this unit features a variable trigger, meaning we can increase and decrease the speed of the string trimmer for easier or harder cuts. This has another effect of boosting (or decreasing) the battery life. If you have a larger garden or need a weed eater for professional use to service multiple gardens then this should be music to your ears… With modest use we were able to get nearly 1 hour of run time from a 4Ah!

Other excellent features include the rotatable head, perfect for edge trimming and good power.

One thing that does let this product down though is the general feel. If we are being honest it didn’t feel as “solid” as other units on review. The ryobi weed eater flexed and bent very easily, it was really disappointing to see.

I don’t know if the model had been built with weight in mind, but I felt a bit let down by it. This is not something I would associate with Ryobi.

Because of this I can’t really fully recommend this product to anyone which is a shame.

  • One hour of run time with ONE+ 4Ah battery
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Felt flimsy

This is the final weed eater on review today.

This Ryobi model is powered by the ONE+ Battery range, making it 18v. This features many of the good things from the other weed eaters on review today, such as the changeable head, reel-easy bump fed string and the ONE+ battery as mentioned.

In addition to that, you also have variable power available to you through the trigger, allowing you to pick from a slow cutting speed which extends battery life or a faster speed to eat up that power quicker for those tough spots you may encounter in the garden.

The unit is light, easy to manoeuvre and we found the edge trimming to be brilliant. What improves this model over the other ONE+ 18v systems on review is the ability to change the speed with the press of the trigger, which really does help our complaints on other models of the strimmer feeling under powered.

Overall, for the cost and the features on display we think this is the best choice available. It features the ONE+ battery, has all the features you would expect and very few of the downsides. I would not rate this for professional use due to the battery life (35 minutes) but this could probably be improved if I wasn’t so heavy on the trigger.

This is an excellent product.

  • Accepts universal outdoor attachments
  • 13-15″ cutting diameter
  • Short battery life

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