Ice Poseidon Shirts

Ice Poseidon is a popular IRL livestreamer from YouTube. He is famous for his wacky and autistic life and racist outbursts.

Ice Poseidon A.K.A Paul Denino has been credited as the first true pioneer of IRL (In Real Life) streaming. He began as a Twitch streamer who rose to fame with edgy content and racist fan donations while working as a Lime cook at Chowder Heads. He grew a community called the Purple Army who were incredibly loyal to him until he shut down the subreddit and lied to his fans about many things including:

  • Being a CEO
  • Who he was dating
  • The owner of the mansion he lived in
  • Business dealings
  • Why he skipped streams
  • How much he earned

Over time people realised the guys kind of an autist and found better things to do. A livestreamer who regularly had audiences of 20,000 fans every night quickly became a 500 viewer Andy.

Ice Poseidon Shirts and Merch

Ice’s official merch is kind of autistic and you would probably get bullied if you wore that shit. This is far better for people who want to wear Ice Poseidon merch without being attacked in the street.

Not recommended for those who want to meet women.

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