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best gifts for gun lovers Picking the perfect gifts for gun lovers in your life can be very difficult if you’re not knowledgeable about the sport of shooting or hunting, this is where we come in! We have written this article with the idea of helping non-shooting friends and family find the perfect gifts for gun owners and lovers in your life.

The content below will contain 25 gift ideas suitable for all forms of shooting that the receiver will be sure to love. It’s also worth remember you don’t have to be a hardcore member of the NRA to enjoy these gifts, they are fairly generic (unless otherwise stated) so that all gun lovers and owners will find them useful!

Visit the Gun Patent Poster Prints on Amazon.

These are the perfect wall art for gun lover's man caves all around the world. These photo prints show the original design of the Colt Peacemaker used in their patents from 1873. These pistols became an icon and best known for "the gun that won the west" and the design which paved the way for multi-shot firearms helping protect pioneers in the west and transform the United States into a global power.

Visit the Lucky Shot .308 Real Bullet Handmade Whiskey Glass on Amazon.

This is a very simple gift for anyone who enjoys shooting and enjoys whisky! This handmade glass has a .308 bullet pushed into the glass material itself. It's a unique gift and something any shooter will appreciate.

Visit the AR-15 Silhouette Rifle Bottle Opener made in the USA on Amazon.

For those gun lovers that don't do spirits or whisky, here is a similar gift ideal for any home, workshop or man cave. It's a bottle opener in the design of an AR-15 perfect for soda or beer.

Visit the Gun Rifle Cleaning Mat - AR-15 Design on Amazon.

All guns must be cleaned but picking the right kit and products to clean a rifle can be difficult... However these mats can be used with all guns. They are effectively just very large mouse pads with a protective coating that protects the gun being cleaned as well as the surface (or dining room table...) the gun is being cleaned on which repels gun cleaning products that can be messy and corrosive.

This particular mat features the design of an AR-15 but these can be found for most popular firearms. The design lets the gun lover reference during cleaning to help them put the rifle back together again if they ever get stuck.

Visit the Bullet Cap Coaster Set on Amazon.

These are ideal for man caves, offices, desks at work, or even around the house. This is a very simple coaster set in the shape of the back end of a bullet casing.

Visit the Caldwell DeadShot Shooting Bag Combo on Amazon.

All shooters from time to time need to zero their guns and nothing makes this easier than shooting bags!

Most gun ranges will have sand bags that visitors can use but they are often difficult or they leak. Treat your gun owner to a purpose made shooting bag and make their life many times easier. These can be used with all rifles and pistols and help the shooter keep their rifle still to precisely zero their sights. They can also be used for general shooting from a bench or prone position too.

As my dad got older he began to use these after I bought them for him 2 years ago, it's kept him shooting. Due to his bad back shooting from any other position but a bench was too painful. They are a great gift!

Visit the Camouflage Gun Wrap Tape on Amazon.

This is the perfect gift for any hunter. It's self adhesive fabric tape with a camouflage real tree pattern that can be used to cover the rifle, sights or clothing while out hunting. This is a temporary and cost effective way to camouflage guns and equipment and can last many months once applied. If you're buying a gift for someone who does hunt this is a super useful thing to have knocking around which will be sure to bring results.

Visit the GearLight High-Powered LED Flashlight S2000 on Amazon.

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will find themselves needing a flashlight, particularly during winter or while out camping. These can also be useful during regular maintenance of your firearm to check your barrel for damage or looking into trigger assemblies which tend to be small dark holes.

This particular torch is perfect for any gun owner, at this size it could even be mounted directly to a rifle for shooting small game in winter or just because it looks cool... At 2000 lumen it's also incredibly bright and it's rechargeable.

Visit the Case Club Waterproof 5 Pistol and 18 Magazine Case with Silica Gel to Help Prevent Gun Rust on Amazon.

If your gun lover is a pistol or handgun owner you may want to think about getting them a pistol case. This has two very important functions which are:

  1. Keeps pistols safe during transit to the gun range.

  2. Keeps your pistols away from children when not in use (the case is lockable).

Think of this as a mini gun safe that can be picked up and taken to the gun range at any moment. It's a great compromise for gun owners who don't have the space for a real gun safe (or may not want one) and also those shooters with many pistols who want to transport them all at once with no risk of damage.

Keeping your guns out of the reach of children is incredibly important, when my brother had his first kids I bought him one of these as a gift. As long as he keeps using it there is no risk of children accidentally finding daddies Glock.

Visit the NcSTAR Roll Up Shooting Mat on Amazon.

Shooting mats are a luxury when visiting the range. For those that enjoy shooting prone from a bipod (or shooting bad linked above) we're often asked to lay on stone, gravel, mud, grass... Very few rifle ranges have purpose built shooting stations designed to keep the shooter comfortable and clean... This is where a shooting mat like this will come into play.

It's very comfortable, the perfect size and rolls up to be very small making it easy to carry.

Visit the Electronic Ear Defenders - Honeywell Howard Leight on Amazon.

Anyone who shoots should really be using ear protection, particularly when shooting indoors where sound is concentrated and cannot escape.

These ear defenders are the best money can buy, ideal for all situations. The coolest feature these have is they are electronic and automatically turn on when they sense that there is a sound they need to block. This means you can literally hear people talking next to you with no issues, but you're not going to have your hearing damaged from the rifle in your hands. When you first try them it's kind of freaky but they are outstanding and offer the best protection a shooter can get.

Visit the Soft Foam Shooting Ear Plugs, 50 Pair – 32 dB High NRR on Amazon.

While the last product is the best you can get for ear protection, not everyone wants full on ear defenders and they tend to settle on foam ear plugs (which are fine for most pistols and small calibre outdoor rifle shooting).

This pack of ear plugs are perfect for shooting and ideal for leaving in the car incase people forget their ear protection. These earplugs can also be used multiple times but many people don't really like doing that... They work well, not in the same way as the ear defenders above but will offer great levels of ear protection for most shooters. They can even be used in combination for people particularly sensitive to sound.

Visit the Assault Rifle Men's T-Shirt on Amazon.

T-shirts always go down well, a gun themed shirt would make a great gift. Amazon has many designs to pick from.

Visit the Ray-Ban Aviator Metal Sunglasses. on Amazon.

Eye protection is important while shooting and also while outside in general. Most people will be wearing glasses of some kind while at the gun range but the glasses they give you are kind of dorky and uncomfortable... It's time to upgrade to these classic Ray-Ban's.

Visit the Black Rifle Coffee Company - Murdered Out Dark Roast Ground Coffee on Amazon.

Black Rifle Coffee Company are a pro 2A company made up and founded by veterans. You're supporting a good American company when buying this product and it's also a great coffee for those who like something strong to wake them up.

The perfect gift for gun and coffee lovers.

Visit the Desk Mounted Handgun Safe - Biometric on Amazon.

This pistol case is designed to be mounted to a desk, wall or counter. It allows for quick access through it's biometric fingerprint reader and gives the user secure access to their firearm whenever they need it.

I first saw some of these when my friend bought one for his pawn shop, I was very impressed and it gave him peace of mind while not having firearms out in the open.

Visit the AK47 Gun Ice Cube Tray on Amazon.

This is an awesome novelty gift, it's a silicone ice cube tray that makes ice in the shape of an AK47.

Visit the Lock N' load Gun alarm clock on Amazon.

This alarm clock can start the day off with a bang! After it wakes you up you are required to shoot it (with the provided toy gun)

Visit the Bullet Antenna for Dodge RAM & Ford F150 F250 F350 Super Duty Ford Raptor Trucks on Amazon.

This is a novelty short radio antenna for Dodge RAMs and Ford trucks. This replaces the long and ugly OEM antenna with a short and novelty bullet shaped antenna with a clever anti-theft design.

This will be sure to make any truck stand out.

Visit the Electric Nerf Gun Target - Self Resetting and Moving on Amazon.

This is the ideal platform for children who want to get into shooting or even man-sized children who just want fun.

This is a self-resetting and moving target designed for NERF guns. This target features paddles that fall when hit that score your shot, but also the blue base has wheels underneath and the whole target itself will "run", similar to a running boar target you may have seen at the gun range.

These are seriously good fun, they are ideal for children or adults who want to have good clean fun.

Visit the Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool with Black Nylon Sheath on Amazon.

Multitools are something that just about any man would want and this Leatherman Sidekick is as good as you get in that department with any tool you could really need. Leatherman are also unique, they were the first brand to build knives and other tools around the plier chassis base but also the first that allows you to access tools like the knife or saw from the outside with a single finger.

These are great tools to have for daily life, but also make excellent items to carry on your hip while out shooting. They can be used for everything from setting up targets (cutting rope or tape that old them in place) to building and repairing hides while out hunting. The saw feature on these knives is unreal for what it is, you can cut through a 2" x 4" in a minute flat and it makes even shorter work of branches and shrubbery.

Other uses include butchering game while out hiking and repairing guns while on the range.

Visit the RioRand Keyed Trigger Gun Lock on Amazon.

Gun security is vital for those who have families and in some states like California I believe it's now a legal requirement.

These trigger locks are very simple devices that lock around the trigger of a gun, making it unable to operate without being unlocked first. They are ideal as a 2nd line of defense incase you forget to put your gun back in a safe or your child has perhaps worked out how to open it... A nightmare and deadly situation for any parent.

Visit the Christmas Sweater Ho-Ho-Ho! on Amazon.

Who doesn't like a cheeky Christmas jumper?...

Visit the Marksman Precision Universal Gun Cleaning Kit on Amazon.

Most serious gun owners will piece together their own cleaning kit, but if you're buying for someone new to the sport or someone with many firearms that perhaps doesn't have a cleaning kit then this would make a great gift.

It's a universal cleaning kit, offering everything you would need to clean most rifles, shotguns and pistols of all calibre.

Visit the Caldwell Magnum Rifle Gong on Amazon.

If your shooting friend is lucky enough to have land suitable to shoot on or has permission to shoot on such land (like farms) or even lives near a national park or something... Buying a portable target like this could be an awesome gift.

This target is a very typical "gong", it's basically a steel plate on a frame hung by chain. As it's struck it moves and gives a very rewarding GONGGGG noise which can be heard for a long distance (ideal for the shooter to confirm the shot).

These targets make ideal zeroing or practice targets. They are suitable for all firearms from hunting calibres to pistols or shotguns.

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