Best Gifts for Geeks and Nerds

The holiday season approaches and it’s time to start thinking about what gifts you are going to be getting for those you love. If you are looking for the gifts for geeks it can be a challenge as they are already likely to have most items that they want or the item they want may simply be expensive.

Thinking of gift ideas is tough, which is why we compiled a list of products which will give you many ideas for the types of things your friend or family member is looking for. Buying gifts for geeks is not easy and requires thought, get it wrong and your gift will just end up in the landfill.

Gifts for Geeks and Nerds – Under $20

To get started in our list of gifts for nerds and geeks we are starting with simple items that cost less than $20. These are ideal for Secret Santa, simple birthday gifts, tokens of appreciation or stocking fillers for christmas.

We have tried to give you a great list of items which will be relevant for a huge number of geeks in your life. Combining as many different geek cultures as we could to produce the best curated list of gifts that we can, mixed with practicality.

No matter what the budget is, we have a great list for you!

Visit the Mini Pocket Size Drone With Acrobatic Featires on Amazon.

This mini drone is the ideal gift for almost anyone, never mind a geek. Capable of 3D flying, this little machine is awesome for doing tricks like flips and inverted flying, while being small enough to fly indoors without damaging anything.

Ideal for the kind of geek who likes technology and/or RC models!

Visit the Groot Toy Figure on Amazon.

Toy figures are perfect for workmates as desk ornaments or even in man caves kept on display. Groot is a very popular character from the film series Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the best movies ever made.

This particular model will fit onto cables, pens, pull cords for ceiling fans and many other places.

Visit the Wireless Charger compatible with iPhone and Android on Amazon.

Wireless charging is the future and most modern mobile phones are now capable of running this system.

I picked this wireless charger out as it's compatible with both iPhone and Android making it ideal for 99.9% of the feeks out there, but it's best you check this will work with your giftee's phone.

Visit the Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share on Amazon.

Ideal for the dad geeks out there!

This book features a number of projects that fathers can do with their children to make memories. With 240 pages it features projects to build and experiments to perform. Ideal for weekend activities or even during vacations. Help your geek turn their kids into geeks.

Visit the Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit on Amazon.

This is a very cool gift for a geek! This is a mini catapult build in the same way they did in medieval times.

This little machine is capable of launching small items across a small room, add in a few soda cans for targets and you have many hours of fun!

Visit the Funko Pop!: Star Wars - Yoda on Amazon.

Funko Pop! are one of the more popular models out there and they are very reasonably priced. This particular product is based around Yoda but they also make many other characters from Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad, no matter what your giftee is into there will be a figure for them.

Visit the Pokemon Pokeball on Amazon.

Pokemon is back! Starting with Pokemon Go and recently Pokemon Sword the game it's right in the forefront of every geeks mind.

If your geek loves Pokemon a pokeball will make a great gift!

Visit the The Official BS Button on Amazon.

Every single person that worlds in an office needs one of these. With the press of a button a "BULLSH!T" alert will be played. Perfect for calling out BS when you just can't take it anymore.

This might be the world's best secret santa gift! No one will ever want to BS you again when you have the BS button.

Visit the Amber Fossil with Insects Samples on Amazon.

Made famous by Jurassic Park, bugs in amber are an iconic gift for people who enjoy natural history and biology and they don't break the bank either.

These fossils are very common and make perfect additions to any office desk, coffee table or man cave.

Visit the Role 4 Initiative Castle Keep Dice Tower on Amazon.

For people who play board games, dice towers are a must have item. Nothing disrupts play than 3 of the 4 players crawling round on the floor looking for a stray die because someone got excited.

These are very simple devices, you drop dice down the top, they tumble down a few baffles and come out the bottom. This saves you launching the dice off the end of the table and under your sideboard, never to be seen again...

Visit the Exploding Kittens Card Game on Amazon.

Perfect for parties, the exploding kittens card game is a family friendly board game.

Illustrated by the oatmeal and first produced through kickstarter as the most funded card game in history, this is a simple game ideal for 2-5 players. Avoid the exploding kitten card or you are out!

Perfect for geeks and non-geeks alike.

Visit the USB LED Clock Fan on Amazon.

These make a cool gift, using sensors and LED's this fan is capable of showing the time while spinning.

Keep cool and stay on track to meet your days deadlines with this awesome device.

Visit the Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Dwight Schrute on Amazon.

Dwight Schrute is a TV legend loved by many geeks.

The FunkPop! range of office figures includes Jim, Darryl, Kevin and Michael. For any true office fan this would be a very appreciated gift. While the show died, it lives on in our hearts.

Visit the Edison Light Bulbs on Amazon.

Edison light bulbs really can change the mood of a room. These vintage light bulbs use a very dim light core, meaning they emit a very soft light and because of this you can see the internal wire light up without hurting your eyes.

These work very well in lamps or in cinema rooms where bright light isn't wanted. These are super cool and any geek would be happy to get these as a gift.

Visit the KontrolFreek Ultra for Xbox One Controller on Amazon.

If you're buying a gift for a console gamer and you're looking for something they have probably not seen before that can improve their aim on their opponents, KontrolFreeks might be the answer.

These clip on the joy sticks of your console controller extending them up. This gives the player a more precise aim and improved grip. These things are so effective that they were banned from esports competition entirely.

These are perfect for pwning noobs online, ideal for racing games and first person shooters.

Visit the Learning Resources Lights and Sounds Buzzers, Game Show and Classroom Buzzers, Set of 4, Ages 3+ on Amazon.

These game show style buzzers are ideal for games night at home, with your housemates or family!

This gift will allow 4 players to not only play along with their favorite TV quiz show but created their own games or use them in conjunction with other games they may already own. I could even see these used in an office to break up a boring meeting that should have been an email.

Visit the Minecraft Torch-Shaped Water Bottle on Amazon.

Minecraft is not just a kids game, it's a phenomena that has changed gaming culture forever.

This BPA free plastic water bottle will be the perfect gift for a Minecraft fan. It replicates a Torch, used in the game to light up the dark and keep the creepers at bay.

Water bottles are useful to anyone who works in an office, visits the gym or even just spends a long time playing games.

Visit the Star Wars Men's Lightsaber Duel Tie on Amazon.

A novelty tie is always a fun gift for the professional geek!

This tie features two Star Wars Lightsabers dueling in a cross pattern and is very modestly colored and subtle making it perfect for professional working environments.

This tie is very well made with good quality, comfortable fabric. It is the perfect gift for geeks who are fans of Star Wars!

Visit the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire on Amazon.

Nerf Guns are perfect for almost anyone but are often best bought in groups so the fight is not one sided.

Nerf Guns fire very soft foam darts, some models have a range of upto 30 feet which is pretty impressive. They are perfect for office workers looking to blow some steam off, college kids in a dorm looking for hours of fun and pranks and kids who just want to be kids.

These are awesome gifts for basically any male, at the best they will be shooting things around the house like it's some sort of private range... At worst expect full on war.

Visit the

A funny T-Shirt is a always a good idea for a gift.

If your geek is the family tech support guy (I know that feeling) this T-shirt is ideal. I don't know what it is about me that makes people think I can fix their printers, but I'm pretty sick of being asked and I'm sure there are other geeks who feel the same way!

Unfortunately, some of us are just too nice to say no.

Best Geek Gift – Under $50

Visit the Wooden Chess Set with Felted Game Board Interior for Storage on Amazon.

Chess is a fantastic game which has been played for 1000's of years.

If your geek giftee fancies themself as the next Bobby Fischer you may want to help them on their journey with this well crafted chess board.

It features all the pieces you need along with an inbuilt storage area to keep all your pieces safe. Chess is a fantastic game and any geek would be delighted to receive this.

Visit the Authentic Handcrafted Viking Drinking Horn on Amazon.

Vikings are making a come back through TV shows like Vikings and Norsemen.

Norse mythology also has a huge following of geeks who enjoy stories from centuries ago. For anyone who finds this period of history interesting a real Viking drinking cup made from real horn would be much appreciated.

And yes, you can drink out of them.

Visit the 12-in-1 Solar Robot Creation - 190-Piece Kit on Amazon.

Do you know someone who likes to make and engineer things in their own time? Then this could be the perfect gift for them.

This solar powered robot kit gives the user total freedom to go and create. It's very similar to Lego, allowing people to make whatever comes into their heads but also has plans for 12 robots that you can make too.

All of these robots are solar powered and feature motors, lights and other features.

Visit the Chemist's Spice Rack, 14 Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set on Amazon.

Do you know a chemist or scientist who also likes to cook?

This could be the perfect gift for them! Using glass labware they have created the perfect storage system and rack for the home chef.

It features the rack itself, 12 containers for spices, salts and pepper and a center bottle perfect for olive oil for cooking!

All of these containers are topped with corks, making it reusable and durable.

Visit the Haynes Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine on Amazon.

This is the perfect gift for the budding engineer or maker.

This model from Haynes helps you build and understand every aspect of how an ICE engine works. While internal combustion engines will soon be a thing of the past (thanks Elon) they have ultimately powered the human species forwards and made so much possible from generating power to generating movement.

This is a really fun gift, fairly easy to set up but learning how exactly an engine works is priceless.

Visit the EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Small Pod on Amazon.

This is a very cool gift for anyone who likes nature and the natural world.

This is a fully enclosed ecosystem inside a glass pod. It features shrimp and algae. They live in perfect balance, never requiring maintenance or care. You can simply enjoy and watch them grow.

The shrimp eats the algae and consumes oxygen, the waste from the shrimp then feeds the other algae to reproduce more and the CO2 from the shrimp also fertilizes the algae. This cycle goes on and on.

Visit the LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 on Amazon.

No one is too old for a LEGO set and this is one of the coolest LEGO sets out there for boys and men alike.

Featuring over 500 pieces, this kit lets you build a fully functional Corvette ZR1 with working suspension, steering, engine, doors and hood. It's incredibly detailed and a very cool kit in all.

It also has a very cool sticker sheet for those awesome final details. LEGO also does similar kits featuring a Bugatti and Porsche, but for some reason these are significantly more money... This is a great value kit and it's well worth checking out.

Visit the Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe on Amazon.

Marvel Comics have put out some of the most iconic characters in geek culture and have a history going back to the 1960's.

In this book the author Sean Howe looks into the history of the entire company, how Marvel came to be and some trials and tribulations along the way.

It's a fantastic story, this is a must have for any serious fan of Marvel Comics. It's a wonderful story.

Visit the Anatomic Brain Specimen Coasters (Set of 10 pieces) on Amazon.

These brain specimen coasters are actually really cool.

I'm sure anyone involved in the medical field or just with an internist in human biology would appreciate these coasters as a wonderful gift.

When stacked up they appear like the clided up brain samples of a human, the clear plastic really gives it a unique look and and these would be a great talking point on any coffee table.

Visit the Premium Heavy-Duty Metal Bookend - Black L-Shaped Bookend Supports on Office Desk, Creative Gift for Dad and Lover (Master) on Amazon.

Are you buying a gift for a geek who reads? Do they also like Star Wars?

This Yoda bookend is the perfect gift then. When placed on a shelf with books leading it against it Yoda will appear to stand there and using the force he will keep the books from falling over.

I received one of these a couple of years ago, I really like it. I don't tend to buy many books thanks to my kindle taking over but it's a really good product and I regularly thank the person who bought it me.

Visit the Tervis HBO Game of Thrones -Insulated Travel Tumbler & Lid on Amazon.

This Tervis 20oz travel mug (with amazing Games of Thrones design) is the perfect gift any fan of GoT.

It features the immortal words "winter is coming" and the house Stark banner.

Constructed from stainless steel with a tight fitting travel lid this insulated cup will be the perfect cup to keep your coffee hot throughout day or from the drive to work in the morning.

These cups are super durable and last forever.

Visit the Smart Plugs - 4 Pack, Works With Google and Alexa on Amazon.

Smart devices are taking over our homes and with these smart plugs you will be able to control your electrical devices from your phone, smart hub, Google home or Alexa.

These devices allow you to control what comes off and on by setting rules or direct commands such as "alexa, turn on my lamp".

These will be much appreciated by geeks, they make perfect gifts for anyone improving their home with this technology.

Visit the Batman Bat Signal Projector on Amazon.

This is a fairly simple to explain gift... It is a lamp that signals the Bat Signal on your wall or ceiling.

Batman is still a popular character and many spin offs around the universe are still active. If your geek is a batman fan this gift will be super cool!

There really isn't more more to explain.

Visit the POWERUP 3.0 - Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit on Amazon.

This is a really cool item that I might have to buy for myself...

Compatible with any smartphone, you can turn a regular paper plane into a remote controlled RC airplane that flies around the room controlled through your phone.

This is a seriously cool toy that will provide great fun to anyone lucky enough to have it.

Geek Gifts – Under $100

Visit the Star Wars The Digital Six film Collection on Amazon.

Perfect for any Star Wars fan. This 6 film bundle features the first two trilogies from the franchise in stunning HD available any time you wish. These are timeless classic films, even by modern standards the older movies are still classics.

Join the Jedi Knights on an epic journey to defeat the evil Empire. The saga begins with Anakin Skywalker's descent to the dark side as he transforms into Darth Vader.

The story continues as Luke Skywalker leads the fight for freedom. Purchase also includes bonus features, available to watch in Your Amazon Video Library.

Visit the Sega Genesis Mini on Amazon.

This will be a blast from the past for any geek.

The Sega Genesis was many people's first foray into home gaming consoles. This Sega Genesis mini is a reboot of the original console designed into modern technology.

Included is the console itself, a control pad and dozens of games digitally loaded onto the system so there is no need to go and re-buy your old favourites such as Sonic, Castlevania, Mega Man and more.

This is the perfect gift!

Visit the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with Premium Case and Power Supply on Amazon.

If you are not familiar with Raspberry Pi's then I don't know where you have been... These are basically mini computers capable of being programmed and controlled and turned into almost anything you want.

They feature HDMI ports so they connect to TV's and monitors very easily, and USB inputs for keyboards, mice and other accessories. They can be used to play games, create XBMC media servers, they can even boot up windows and be used as a PC if you wish.

The projects you can build with these are kind of endless, they can be used to build robots, web servers, radio stations, network monitoring tools, internet privacy devices, weather stations, game servers, NAS file servers, CNC machines, DIY home security system and anything else that comes to mind.

This kit includes everything you need to get started. You will need some knowledge to get started and programming experience will be useful but it can also be used as a stool to learn new skills.

Visit the HAVIT Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin & Light - Blue Switches, 87 Keys on Amazon.

For PC gamers or programmers, having a nice keyboard is a must. This is the tool we use most often to interact and control our PC.

This mechanical keyboard offers amazing tactile feeling and low input lag. It also has backlit keys making it ideal for long gaming sessions when you turn the lights off.

This is a great gift for gamers, programmers and computer geeks in general.

Visit the Vector Robot by Anki, A Home Robot With Amazon Alexa Built-In on Amazon.

Vector is a home robot designed to help out and hang out.

This robot can be used as a portable Amazon Alexa, it's quite a cool product. It can take pictures, time your meal, tell you the news and control your home through other smart devices. It can also learn to recognise you and regularly updates itself, becoming smarter over time.

It also contains AI algorithms so it actually gets smarter over time. It's a really cool product, you don't realise you need a robot until you have one.

Visit the Portable Astronomical Refractor Telescope on Amazon.

This telescope contains everything you need to get your child into astronomy. It's portable and easy to set up and put away when not in use and comes with a bag. It has a smartphone adaptor and when used with an app it can be made super easy to find starts, planets and more which helps you get right to the action.

This is a great gift for anyone looking to learn new things and see exactly what else it out there in the cosmos.

Geek Gifts Over $100

Visit the Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon.

Do you know what geeks like? Robots and clean floors. Do you know what they hate? Vacuuming.

You can give them the gift of never having to clean again with this Robot Vacuum cleaner. These devices are awesome, they automatically monitor the cleanliness of your floor and turn themselves on to clean up on your schedule.

They automatically return to a charging station (called a dock) and work on all kinds of floor. They are also completely controllable through an app so you can set the robots schedule and it will tell you when it needs to be emptied.

Visit the Ultimate Boardgame Backpack on Amazon.

For any serious board game player there is often the need to travel to your friends house or meeting point to play the game.

This can be problematic for regular backpacks as they are often not long enough to actually fit the item in them, this is where this backpack comes into its own. This is the ultimate board game backpack, totally designed around popular board sizes and offering perfect protection from the rough and tumble of life itself.

It offers large amounts of storage, brilliant construction in ripstop fabric, extendable large pockets...

It's the perfect backpack for rpgs like dungeons & dragons, pathfinder, Star Wars, pandemic: the cure. Excellent transportive device for classics like backgammon, yahtzee, and catan

Visit the USAOPOLY Monopoly: Yu-Gi-Oh Edition Board Game on Amazon.

Choose your favorite Millennium token and travel around the board collecting and trading Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. To defeat your opponents, you will need to have the strongest monsters like the Dark Magician, Exodia the Forbidden One, and the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Upgrade with custom Game Shops and Duel Arenas to make yourself invincible.

This is the must have gift for any Yu-Gi-Oh fan. This is also a limited edition product, a very cool item that should have collector value in the future.

Visit the Nintendo Switch on Amazon.

Nintendo have been releasing revolutionary gaming systems since they came on the scene with the GameBoy in the 1980's and the switch is no different to that.

It's incredibly versatile, it can be used as a portable gaming system or plugged into a TV and used like a playstation or xbox.

The game pad (or "joycon" as they call them) can attack to the screen unit for handheld gaming, or clip together for a more traditional gamepad. They also have motion sensors similar to a wii and can be used like that.

There is already a huge library of games available for this system and it has seriously impressed the gaming world. It could be the system that puts Nintendo back on the map.

Visit the Razor Dune Buggy on Amazon.

The Razor Dune Buggy is the perfect boys toy for younger teenagers and children. This electric buggy will have the entire neighbourhood filled with envy as your kid drives down the street.

The buggy features a silent electric motor, the battery has a 40 minute drive time, it tops out at 9mph (although you can probably tweak that), it has off road tyres and rear suspension... What is not to love?

These buggies are serious fun, and also includes some good safety features like a seat belt, strong braking system and option roll cage.

Visit the Comgrow Creality Ender 3 - 3D Printer Aluminum DIY with Resume Print on Amazon.

3D printers are one of the coolest things you have ever seen and in recent times they have seriously tumbled down in price and become very accessible to almost anyone.

As the technology has also progressed their ease of use and quality has improved dramatically. This particular printer features an aluminium frame which is a huge upgrade over wooden printers that you regularly see. It contains all the electronics you need to completely build this thing.

It comes in kit form and will require some assembly, but that in itself is not too difficult and a regular person should be able to get this thing constricted and calibrated over a day or two. The kit comes with complete instructions for construction but will require some basic tools.

If you're looking to impress your geek with the perfect gift, this is probably it.

Visit the Razer Blade - 15.6

The Razer Blade is the worlds smallest 15.6" laptop and is available in two different models, base and advanced.

Both options have the latest Intel i7 processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics for the ultimate in gaming technology. Add in a ton of memory and storage and this is a serious piece of kit capable of running any game on it's 4k ultra HD screen.

This thing is amazing, at just 0.7" thick it's also SMALL. It has serious power in a package the world has not seen before.

Visit the Home Planetarium Star Projector on Amazon.

Bring the magic of the cosmos into your giftees home.

This planetarium projector will display the solar system in a way you have never seen it before directly into the ceiling and walls and take you on a journey through our small part of the universe.

You will learn so much about space and the wonders that exist right out of our reach.

Visit the Classic 3-in-1 Home Arcade on Amazon.

Arcade machines bring back many memories of the 80's for me, and they probably do the same for you.

I remember spending $100's trying to beat the high scores on Donkey Kong and Streetfighter before home gaming systems became common. It's almost a shame that happened as a lot of magic has gone.

Well the good news is we can bring that back with our own home arcade!

Visit the Halo Master Chief Ultra Prestige Costume on Amazon.

This is an awesome gift, perfect for any Halo fan or someone who likes to cosplay.

This suit has incredible detail and is fully wearable, it includes hooded jumpsuit, light-up helmet, chest piece, back piece, cod piece, seat piece, and pairs of: gloves, shoe covers, thigh pieces, shin pieces, jet packs,upper arm pieces, elbow and gauntlet pieces. It is perfectly complete and a perfect replica of Master Chief, the man hero of the Halo series.

This is not just a gift you have to wear either, it could make the perfect display for a man cave or serious gaming fans home.

Conclusion – Geek Gift Guide

We have tried to include gifts for all budgets that include multiple pop cultures and geek themes… but while our list is diverse all our items have one thing in common, they are all a ton of fun!

Whichever gift you end up purchasing you can sleep well knowing that they will love that item for years to come.

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